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   Commission Aggrement

   1. In exchange for Affiliate's display of the Promotional Materials, and for Affiliate's compliance with and performance of the terms and

      conditions of this Agreement, Company shall pay to Affiliate a commission (the "Commission") in the amount of Two Dollars and 00/100 

      ($2.00) for each room used within thirty (30) days from the date Youth Sport Travel is paid.

   2. Company shall keep accurate and up-to-date records of the data used to determine the total amount of Commissions owed to Affiliate.

      Affiliate shall be given reasonable access to these records upon request. Any discrepancy between the amount of Commissions owed

      according to these records, and the actual amount of Commissions paid to Affiliate in any period or periods shall be rectified by Company 

      within 14 days of discovering such discrepancy.

   3. Company shall pay all Commissions accrued and payable to Affiliate within 25 days of the first day of each month (the "Commission

       Payment Date"). If on any Commission Payment Date, the amount of total Commissions accrued and payable to Affiliate is less than

       $50.00, then such accrued and payable balance shall be held over to the following month, and paid together with the Commissions due

       for that month. If at any time, the balance of accrued and payable Commissions is held over for 2 consecutive months, then Company

       shall pay all accrued and payable Commissions to Affiliate in the third month, regardless of the total amount owed.

   4. In the event that Affiliate materially breaches this Agreement and Company terminates this Agreement within 30 days of such breach,

       then any accrued and payable Commissions owing to Affiliate shall be forfeited, and Company shall not be obligated to pay such     

       Commissions to Affiliate.




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